Talks about thematic analysis

Talks by Ginny & Victoria

Watch Ginny & Victoria’s webinar to launch their new book Thematic Analysis: A Practical Guide (Nov 2021).

Watch Victoria and Ginny give a public lecture at UWE (June 2018), on An Introduction to Thematic Analysis.

Watch Victoria give a public lecture at UWE (November 2017), on What is Thematic Analysis.

Watch Ginny give a talk at The University of Auckland (June 2021), on Thematic Analysis: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Watch Victoria give a talk at UWE, on work in progress related to Common Problems in Published TA Research in Health Psychology (May 2022).

Listen to Victoria talking about TA in July 2021, on the Words Matter podcast. Hosted by Dr Oliver Thomson, this podcast is “dedicated to bringing you conversations with world leading academics, researchers and clinicians on all areas of clinical interaction, philosophy and communication”.

Read or watch an interview with Victoria Clarke on (Reflexive) TA in qualitative research (October 2021), with Dr Charles Crook for the Researching Education website. Researching Education aims to offer “accessible summaries of recently published and peer-reviewed research findings that concern educational practice”. 

Listen to Victoria discuss a wide range of things related to reflexive TA on the NVivo Podcast – Between The Data, hosted by Dr. Stacy Penna, NVivo Community Director. Victoria reflects on being “Accidental Methodologists” in Episode 33, and on “New Ways of Thinking” in Episode 34, and much more besides.

Talks by others

Watch UBC doctoral candidate Lisa Trainor discuss her reflexive process for doing reflexive TA! This video demonstrates Lisa’s thorough and thoughtful process of “developing the craft” of reflexive TA, which she has also written about – you can read that paper here.